Buzz Electrical is a family owned business and has been servicing its customers in the greater Brisbane area since 2005. Since first starting the business, Buzz Electrical has gone from strength to strength as a result of their reliable service and continued excellence in the Electrical industry.

Compliance with Electrical Safety Office

Having a close working relationship with the Electrical Safety Office and keeping up with their courses has had a major impact on the way we deliver our services. Whether you need a simple fixture repaired or a full restoration project completed Jason and the team will ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard.

Jason Coops, Owner


Jason started early in the trade with Telecom Australia in 1983 as an assistant technician and progressed through to become a technical officer where he was transferred to Perth for five years to assist with new technology implementation. In 2000 Jason started a mature aged electrical apprenticeship with a wealth of knowledge behind him. In 2005 Buzz Electrical was created and off to a flying start. In December 2008 Buzz Electrical had an entity change and became Buzz Electrical Pty Ltd.

Jason is also an active member of his local and greater community. He was team leader on a local council bushcare group for five years. Following the aftermath of cyclone Larry in Innisfail, Jason left his customers and family for two weeks to volunteer his time and knowledge to help restore power to our North Queensland community. Jason and his staff members also assisted community members moving furniture and valuables before the 2011 Brisbane floods.

Jason has been working in the electrician trade for over 15 years.  He is a qualified Electrical Contractor and Communications Master Cabler.  He takes pride in every job he completes and more importantly, really enjoys what he does. So you can rest assured  that when you use Buzz Electrical, you'll receive the very best service in a prompt  and professional manner.

Values, Vision & Mission

Our Values 

The Buzz Electrical team will conduct all activities upon the basis of these core values. All employees commit to these values as essential characteristics of good business and professional conduct.

Our core values are:

  • Loyalty:  The building of mutually beneficial customer relationships that stand the test of circumstances and time.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  By listening to our customers and responding to their needs we seek to add value and exceed their expectations.
  • Commitment:  We are always prepared to dedicate time and energy to fulfil obligations in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence:  The pursuit of outstanding qualities and outcomes.
  • Integrity:  The demonstration of the above values in adherence to the code of conduct. These values are the foundation of Buzz Electrical.

Our Vision

“Encompassing the fields of electrical installation, maintenance, repairs, and fabrication, our team will be indispensable. This is and will remain the driving principle of progress and the touchstone of success. Our team will continue to be synonymous with quality services and products. Our clients’ experience of our reliable and industry leading work exceeds their expectations. Repeat business is and will remain a distinguishing company characteristic.”

Our Mission

Company Mission Statement In line with our Core Values and Vision, the Buzz Electrical team will be the provider of choice dedicated to quality electrical and communication installations and solutions.

This will be achieved by:

  • The continued development of our workforce capabilities
  • An outlook towards safety for team members and our clients
  • Involvement of employees in the quality improvement process
  • Responsive and cost effective work execution
  • A focus on long term relationships with our clients in recognition of their needs and expectations
  • Our knowledge, experience, professionalism and pursuit of excellence.

This mission statement provides the direction for the Buzz Electrical team and will be reviewed for relevance and currency often.